Taking things literally


One of the characteristics of Asperger’s is taking things literally. Generally, I’d say I have a good understanding of odd expressions – things like wearing your heart on your sleeve, or having a frog in your throat – perhaps because even those of us with oddly connected neurons pick these things up eventually.

Where I’m not so great is with one-off contexts. I often get the wrong end of the stick. So when my husband asked if his flask was in the cupboard I was standing by, I opened the cupboard, saw it was, shut the cupboard, and answered his question. How was I supposed to know that ‘Is my flask in the cupboard?’ means ‘Can you get my flask out of the cupboard?’

The end result is that, these days, the misunderstanding gets attributed to Asperger’s rather than my stupidity, although I think it’s a little bit stupid to ask one question when you want the answer to another one.



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